New Feature in Gmail Compose – an idea!

Trace Compose

I’ve been thinking since few days that if google will implement this feature in their gmail compose that would be great and helpful to thousands of people or maybe millions of people. The feature I’m offering is Trace Email or they can choose another name, anyway.

Feature description:

The idea behind this feature is if multiple people are added in one threaded email and they are adding their comments under few basic comments or requirements for an example they are discussing software requirements and host (who created that conversation) listed few points and now rest of the people has to share their ideas, comments under those features…. What we do right now if we face that situation? Of course we give different colors but if Google will add this feature which I’m calling it Trace Compose Email that will be recording every single user’s comments along with date and time. By the way MS Word has that kinda feature already implemented. 😉

I hope someone from google will reach on this post someday and if they like it and implement this feature that would be wonderful.